Our People Are Our #1 Resource

The Arc's members, staff and volunteers are Our #1 Resource.

As such, they regard the agency's resources as though they are their own.  All resources will be efficiently and effectively utilized.

Teams' work and sharing of ideas, resources, staff and equipment is valued.  In order to offer quality services, The Arc will employ only qualified, hard working dedicated staff.

The Arc will provide staff with the support and training necessary to meet the needs of those we serve.

Employees will work as a team, keeping the mission of The Arc in mind.  As they approach every task with creativity, humor and passion.

Arc employees will communicate to all of our constituents and co-workers in a professional and respectful manner while being mindful of the unifying principles. Listen to others. Seek solutions that are acceptable to all parties. Be open to ideas that differ from yours. Thus we will be able to promote employee satisfaction and achieve our mission.