Recreational Services

The Arc Recreation Department offers a wide variety of leisure time activities for children and teens with special needs.  Funding is provided by the City of West Palm Beach, the United Way of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department, Palm Tran, Palm Beach Gardens Parks Department and Recreation and Jupiter Parks and Recreation Department.

All programs offer a variety of activities such as instructional classes in tennis, swimming, golf, sailing, bowling, crafts, drama, music, field trips and learning activities.

Children’s Programs  

Summer Sensations

Youth ages 6-16 who are severely disabled are offered programs during winter break and during the summer.  This program provides a 1:1 to 1:2 staff to participant ratio. This ratio is for those who are not potty trained; lower ratio for safety on field trips, feeding, transition and active participation. 

This ratio is not for youth with significant 1:1 behavioral needs such as refusal to participate, transitional issues, running away, physical aggression or self-injurious behaviors. However, if a 1:1 behavioral aide is paid and provided by the parent or outside funding source, the child can participate.

Schools Out Spectacular

Youth ages 6-16 who have developed self-help skills, who are potty trained and who can safely participate with 1 staff member for every 3 participants.  The day camp programs are offered on off-school days and in the summer. Inclusion options are available during winter, spring and summer breaks.  This program ratio is not for youth with significant behavioral needs.

Community Inclusion Services

Youth ages 6-11 participate with one staff member to every five participants.  This program is offered on out-of-school days  and in the summer. Program services are offered in general recreation settings hosted by municipalities. All participants must be potty trained, have the ability to safely and actively participate with ratio noted.

Teen Programs

Teen Adventures

Teens ages 13-high school who have developed all  self-help skills and who can safely and actively  participate with one staff member for every six participants. This program is offered during winter and summer breaks.This program is for high-functioning teens who have aged-out of inclusion settings or have developed the ability to participate with a higher ratio.

Teen Nights Out

Teen’s ages 12-16 who have developed their self-help skills and who can safely and actively participate with one staff member for every six participants.  This program meets on scheduled Friday evenings.  This program participates in community activities and outings. Teens will need have the ability to participate in intense recreation activities and outings.   

For more information, please contact Recreation Director Julie Lobdell at (561) 804-4910 or e-mail her at