Residential Services

When we’re growing up, most of us have certain similar aspirations, including moving out of our parents’ home and becoming more independent. Many people with developmental disabilities have the same hopes and dreams. As part of The Arc of Palm Beach County’s commitment to helping people with developmental disabilities achieve their highest level of independence and inclusion in society, the agency operates four group homes located in typical residential communities throughout Palm Beach County. These houses, which look just like any other on their street, are designed to help adults over the age of 18 acquire the skills necessary to achieve their highest level of independence.

Each resident has a personal plan that identifies measurable, attainable goals, as well as strategies for achieving them. All four homes are staffed around the clock, however, during the day, every resident participates in a meaningful activity, including day programs or even competitive employment. Residents are also assigned common household chores, including keeping their rooms clean. In addition, the program provides rehabilitation services that offer supervised training activities to help residents acquire, maintain or improve upon skills related to daily living, such as personal hygiene, social skills necessary in order to enable individuals to reside in the community, and more.

For more information about the agency’s group homes, please call 561-842-3213.