Join us in changing the conversation on people with disabilities.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Arc of Palm Beach County.

Volunteer opportunities at The Arc of Palm Beach County are endless. Having over 15 programs from early childhood into adulthood allows for a vast variety of choices for people looking to make a difference.

Our volunteer opportunities range from individual projects and can also accommodate groups large and small at a variety of our different locations and offices. We look forward to having you as part of our Arc Volunteer Family.

Please complete the volunteer application and contact the Advancement Department at 561-842-3213.

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Available Volunteer Options

Group Volunteer

An organization or company interested in partnering with The Arc of Palm Beach County for their Community Outreach.

Residential Home Deep Clean

A volunteer group can assist with cleaning he Arc’s group homes and do a deep cleaning that would benefit the residents that call it home.


A group of volunteers can help spruce up our Therapeutic Garden area that is used for outdoor stimulation and lessons for various Arc Programs.

Potentials School

Volunteers are able to interact with our elementary and middle school aged students in our Potentials School. Activities can include reading to students, singing, playing and sharing music and more. Students at Potentials enter the school not walking or talking independently and these activities help in their daily therapies and progress.

The Artisan Program

Volunteers can work side by side with our Artisans on various art projects. This program enables clients to utilize their creative talents to produce unique hand crafted mosaics and other art pieces. Artisans are able to sharpen their fine motor skills, understand color and balance, and improve communication and social skills. Artisans’ sell their creations throughout Palm Beach County in a variety of shop and art shows such as ArtiGras. As a result of these endeavors, the artists earn extra income.

Thrift Store

Volunteer at our thrift store sorting and tagging donations.